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We are a local group of individuals dedicated to performing, studying and interpreting choral works. From classical to contemporary music, we strive to share the glory and appreciation for these traditions with the surrounding community. Our venues include a wide range of settings across Staten Island, New Jersey and Manhattan—including the famed Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. Richmond Choral Society (RCS) volunteer choristers represent a diverse range of professions, religions, ethnicities and age groups. RCS performs biannual concerts to showcase the beauty of classical pieces for local audiences. Led by a devoted group, RCS brings musical education and appreciation to the community.


As of Sept. 1, 2022:

                                                                            President: Mary-Pat Schaefer

                                                                            Vice President: Ginny McKeever

                                                                            Secretary: Patricia Dietz

                                                                            Treasurer: Carole Larsen


Rosemarie Alcamo, Gale Bellafiore, Sheila Buchanan, Susan Cicchetti, Diane DeOrio,

Nancy Reiersen Scromo, Patricia Sturman


“It is so amazing to be part of a group which does more together than most of us could do alone...“ ~Gale B

"Monday evenings practices were always a good way to start the work week. To see friendly faces, sing along with your fellow section members, enjoy the sound of the choir and experience the music in your heart." ~Pat

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