About Richmond Choral Society

~We are the Music Makers~

Richmond Choral Society (RCS) was founded in 1951 for the purpose of providing the Staten Island community with the understanding and appreciation of the classical and contemporary choral repertory in the regular performance of masterpieces and lesser-known works of famous composers.  Since its inception, RCS has enjoyed a changing roster of volunteer choristers representing every profession, religion, ethnicity and age group. Exploring new repertory for its two concerts per year in a variety of settings across Staten Island, Manhattan–including Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center–and New Jersey, collaborating with other community organizations, RCS has continued to evolve.

RCS holds two concerts per year and is involved in educating as well as performing.  Since 1993, RCS auditions graduating high school seniors for an annual scholarship for the further study of voice and vocal music; the winner performs at its spring concert.

RCS has performed under the direction of Marina Alexander since 1995.  Past directors have included David Randolph, Alice Parker, John Daly Goodwin, Peter Tiboris, Patrick Gardener, and Penna Rose. In addition, Ms. Parker was commissioned to compose a special work for our 50th anniversary in 2001, entitled "We Are the Music Makers".


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